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Tanya F., Parent recherchant un profil de nounou à Assens (1042)

3 enfants,

Mise à jour le: 12/09/2013

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Searching for an English/French speaking nanny


We're looking for an english speaking nanny for Fridays only. Actually, if you're willing to clean the Morning from 8.00 til 11.45, then go get the 3 Girls at the bus stop. Feed them for Lunch, and get back to the bus for two of them, the little one stays home and take care of her until the sisters and one of the parents are coming back for four o'clock.

When ? As soon as possible.
Why an English speaking nanny, because we had to give up the weekly English sessions of the girls and we're wanting them to continue to learn and to speak this language while having fun.

If the feeling is good, we might use you also sometimes out of this schedule either for work or for some times out.

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