Susana O., Nounou à Meinier (1252)

  • 50 ans

  • Occasionnelle
  • Sortie d'école
  • Plein temps
  • Taux de réponse :
  • Langues parlées :
    Anglais (langue maternelle)
  • Nationalité :
  • Expérience :
    Non renseigné
  • Permis de conduire non
    BLS (premiers secours) non
  • Motorisé(e) non
    A des enfants oui

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Professional nanny

Good afternoon, madame.

My name is Susana. I am a graduate of a medical course with diploma in the Philippines. I am a health professional or a sage femme. .

I've worked in Geneva for so many years as a nanny or a private nurse. I took good care of baby toddlers ranging from seven months up to 2 years old and above.

I love to take care of the kids. I motivate them to do good things and to start with a fun hobby that would help them to become a better person. I encourage them to play, read, and sing.

There are a lot of things that I can do in taking good care of the kids. I prepare their food and change their clothes or diapers. I accompany them when they are going out with their friends to play and have fun. Oftentimes, we go to the park where kids are having a lot more fun while doing their outdoor activities.

I also accompany and help them in attending to their other various activities. I can assist and go with them in seeing their doctor, of course with the consent of their mother. I

Aside from the above-mentioned activities, I also worked as a part-time housekeeper. Both job experiences gave me good references.

If you're interested in giving me the opportunity to be of help in your household or in taking good care of your beloved kids, please contact me via email or phone.

Thank you and hoping to work with you soon.


Disponibilités de Susana

Tâches que Susana peut réaliser

Aide au ménage
Bébés de moins de 6 mois
Enfants de 6 mois à 2 ans
Enfants de 2 ans à 6 ans
Enfants de plus de 6 ans
Enfants handicapés

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  • Non renseigné


Position approximative à 150 mètres.